Our signature product is the (W)holeburger (TM), a donut shaped patty balanced (made whole) by one of our vegetable centric scoop centers, each with unique taste and nutritional attributes. Or go without the bun for a skewer of "burger holes" and combine it with a scoop for a perfect, low-carb snack you can share with friends.



Our mission is to De-Junk Fast Food (TM). That means fresh, delicious, and nutritious. We're revolutionizing the culture of fast food, while always approaching what we do and how we do it with your health, our environment, community, society, and your creativity in mind.

Our ingredients include vegan, gluten-free, and vegan-gluten-free combos. We make everything from scratch, including the bun that holds it all together.

Our menu offers almost unlimited combinations. Beginning with your choice of a burger, salad or rice bowl, and then from the scoop to our fresh condiments, you can create millions of combinations to satisfy your specific tastes, preferences, and needs.

Our restaurant is built from abundant and regenerative materials. Our packaging is all recyclable and we compost all of our food waste onsite.

Our food is local. We depend on local businesses to help us feed you well. We source, promote, and help support local farmers and artisans.

Our burgers amplify your goodness. Every time someone chooses your socially good burger, 4food donates a portion of its sale to the good cause associated with your purpose.



We build with natural construction materials that are abundant and regenerative. Design fixtures like bleachers, interactive media wall, dynamic menu board, multi-height bars and communal tables invite social interaction and voyeuristic participation.



Advanced, web-based technologies allow us to make smart, personalized recommendations that meet our guests’s nutrition preferences, food particularities, and lifestyle goals.

WE KNOW YOU BETTER (TM) ["WKUB"] is a suite of technologies designed to enable registered 4food guests to consume to their intentions, name their custom creations, and market them to friends. WKUB components include:

  • Profiling Engine: guests are invited to register and answer intelligent, sequential, answer-based questions in exchange for a free meal. We call this process “building a 4food DNA”.
  • Recommendation Engine: matches specific menu items to a particular guest’s 4food DNA, and generates customized incentive coupons either online in real-time or at checkout on a physical or digital receipt.
  • Smart Receipt: totals the nutritional content of a guest’s meal and contains customized coupons to incentivize the purchase of specifically recommended menu items which further encourage repeat visits.
  • Make Your Burger Famous (TM): registered guests are encouraged to name, brand, and market their created burgers via social media tools and to existing 4food groups, earning 4food cash credits with every sale. New creations and best sellers are displayed in-store on the Buildboard section of our dynamic menu board and interactive media wall, as well online via our website and social media feeds.
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    We believe in good4all. This means doing everything with a purpose - including ordering your (W)holeburger. Want to make your burger even more purposeful? Spread the word to friends and family via social media. They can support you, or make a (W)holeburger with a purpose of their own.

    Our Driving Purposes:

    Because making the right nutrition choices is essential for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Our foods do not contain any hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats or oils. No artificial sweeteners. No preservatives. No artificial flavor enhancers. None of our food is deep fried. We provide personalized nutrition facts, advice, and menu recommendations every day - in-store, at www.4food.com, and printed on every receipt.

    Because all of us, both now and coming, will benefit from reducing our impact on the environment. We compost in-store and recycle. We build with natural construction materials that are abundant and regenerative. We employ sunscreen systems, LED lighting, energy efficient equipment, and purchase renewable energy credits from alternative energy generators. We are committed to increasing our use of sustainable power as we grow.

    Because supporting the community we live within and around is essential to being a good neighbor and building a communal neighborhood. We source locally and use seasonal ingredients. We have designed the restaurant as a community hub with free WiFi and power outlets by each seat to enable connection.

    Because each of us every day can make a meaningful difference to others. We believe in doing social good in everything we do, and being transparent and informative about how we do it. Our cows, pigs, and sheep are humanely raised while grazing and eating vegetarian diets. Wherever possible we purchase whole ingredients that have neither been genetically engineered nor modified. We believe in ethical and responsible consumption.

    Because empowering creativity can lead to something extraordinary. There are almost an unlimited number of (W)holeburger combinations. Our custom menu makes you the mastermind of your meal, and enables you to tailor it to your tastes, nutritional goals, and the purposes you are passionate about.


    Social Flow

    4food. De-junking fast food.

    We bring fast food thats fresh, delicious, and nutritious to all ages, lifestyles, incomes, and ethnicities. We're redefining counter culture.

    4food (W)holeburger Mix

    Listen to our 4food rap! Aired on TV in New York, we made it to prime-time! Keep your eyes open 4food lovers, because we're going places!

    "Indie Mellow" Mix

    The music guys who wrote the rap version of our (w)holeburger mix got so into it that they came up with a new "indie mellow" version.